Tropical SoftWash CleanzOzone Sanitizing

Roof Washing & Roof Debris Removal

Tropical SoftWash is trained on all roofing surfaces, we understand the material properties to best select the proper cleaning technique for your roof wash.  We remove debris, such as tree limbs or other unwanted growth, from the roof surface.

Do you know what your warranty allows for cleaning your roof?

Do you know that high pressure and other roof cleaning apparatus may void your roof’s warranty?

Do you know tree limbs and debris can rot your roof and attract unwanted pests?

ARMA, Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, states that the most effective method to clean a roof is with liquid chlorine bleach and water.  ARMA also states to never use a pressure washer to clean an asphalt shingle roof as this will cause granule loss and very likely premature failure of the roof system.  If moss or algae become visible, clean the roof to prevent the spread to nearby roofs.  When it comes to tile roofs, high pressure can easily remove the protective glaze from the ceramic tile.

Tropical SoftWash CleanzOzone Sanitizing

Why clean your roof?

Your roof is one of the most important structures of your home.  Your roof protects your home against the elements.  Most roofs have a limited life expectancy, but you can prolong its life by maintaining it.  Mold, pollen, and algae can cause your roof to absorb more heat, causing a warmer home, increased cooling costs, and increasing the chances of bacterial growth.  Algae, Moss, and Lichen can eat away at your roof surfaces.

Foreign objects such as branches, pine needles, palm fronds will rot as they die on your roof.  Some items go unnoticed as they end up in between shingles and tiles. This decaying process will ultimately rot or infect your roof surfaces and will attract pests to nest in these rotting objects.  It is important to have all foreign objects, small and large removed from your roof.