Pool Cage Cleaning, Screen Washing, Cage Oxidation Removal

In Southwest Florida, we enjoy beautiful weather nearly year-round.  That is why we enjoy having our pools and screened enclosures.  There is a social gathering as well as a relaxing getaway right in our own backyards.  Pool Cages protect our costly investment from environmental debris, critters, and annoying insects.

Because of our tropical climate, the pool cage is another area where we see a lot of growth.  Humidity from pool water can also increase this growth.  Pool cage cleaning is a necessary task and essential task to keep your screen and cage integrity.  But cleaning a pool cage and pool area is not as simple as it sounds.  Consider the multiple products constructing your pool cage.  Each product needs to be carefully treated not to damage the surface or compromise the integrity of the material being cleaned.

Tropical SoftWash CleanzOzone Sanitizing

With a screen’s increased surface area, it collects mold faster than any surface.  Screens are delicate fine wires that are meshed together.  Build-up will decrease the integrity of the material.  Using a high-pressure method can also damage or destroy screens.  The same with harsh chemicals.

Most cages are constructed with aluminum which requires specific cleaning agents to ensure there is no damage to the cage’s integrity.  In some cases, using the wrong method or chemical can void your pool cage’s warranty.

Tropical SoftWash has been trained and certified to understand the properties of pool cage construction.  This allows us to use the proper cleaning technique along with the proper solutions to best clean and protect your screened enclosure.  We are also very aware of your pool area environment. This means nothing will be used that could contaminate or cause an imbalance in your pool water.  We are very considerate of your pool area’s landscaping and take the time necessary to protect your foliage and pool accessories.