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Paver Cleaning, Paver Sealing

With South Florida’s tropical climate, your pavers are a prime target for unwanted growth.  Not only is growth unattractive on your decorative pavers, but it can also damage the pavers and the sand holding them in place.  It is important to understand the material qualities of the many different types of pavers.  At Tropical SoftWash we are trained and understand all paver materials.  This knowledge helps us to best choose the proper method to clean and maintain your pavers.  Some concrete pavers, especially newer ones can be easily damaged if not cleaned and sealed properly.  This requires the correct equipment and process.

Sealing Your Pavers

Once pavers are clean, we highly recommend a sealant.  The process of sealing your pavers protects in many ways.  Sealing creates an invisible layer that will repel water, oil, and other substances that may get on your pavers and cause damage or discoloration.  Paver sealing fills in the pours thus protecting it from elements and extending the life and luster of your pavers.

Your Tropical SoftWash Technician can give you more details upon request.

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