House Washing

In tropical Florida exterior surfaces are prone to algae, fungus and moss growth.  The unwanted growth will typically gather in moist shady areas of your home and can be orange, green, black, white, gray, or even purple.  Overflowing and unmaintained gutters can leave streaks on your home’s siding as algae spread.  Spores on the exterior of your home can find a way through cracks, doors, and windows into your home and when this happens it becomes a health hazard, especially to those with breathing problems and elderly residents.  Fungus, algae, and other spores will eventually rot and decay most surfaces.  You want to be sure to remove these unhealthy microorganisms with Tropical SoftWash’s proven chemical treatment.

Not only do microorganisms cause problems for our Florida homes, but many water sources including recycled water contain a high level of contaminants.  Home siding is exposed to this water through irrigation processes.  The discoloration is not only unattractive to your home, but it can be damaging as well.  Tropical SoftWash’s power-washing service can remove this potential threat on investment and also restore the attractiveness and value of your home.

Let’s Face It,
A clean home is an attractive home.

Whether your intent is to improve curb appeal, prepare before painting, or just to live in a cleaner environment, Tropical SoftWash will rejuvenate your home’s exterior vibrance. According to the National Association of Realtors, you can expect an increase of your sales price after power washing your home. This increase can be anywhere from $10,000-$15,000 depending on your home’s value and location.

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