Tropical SoftWash CleanzOzone Sanitizing

Tropical SoftWash Services

Our exterior cleaning services range from low-pressure “soft washing” chemical application, gentle for most surfaces, to high-pressure, hot-water power washing for stubborn stained areas. We also Sanitize specific zones atomizing Green Ox Ultra, a 3% hydrogen peroxide product that will diminish the spread of germs and viruses.

  • Low-Pressure “Soft Washing” – We use Biodegradable titrated Sodium Hypochlorite and surfactants. Ideal for many applications including pool cages, house washing, fences, wood decks, docks, and roof restoration.  This process will NOT cause damage to surfaces compared to high-pressure washing.
  • Power Washing, High-Pressure and Hot Water – best used for concrete, pavers, driveways, and walkways, or lifting stubborn stains. From portable high-powered pressure washers to our industrial system, no job is too large.
  • ClenzOzone – a 3% hydrogen peroxide product, GreenOx Ultra, used frequently to sanitize zones with an atomizing mist or disinfect specific areas using a direct spray application.
  • Gutter Cleaning – remove debris from the interior of gutters.
  • Gutter restoration – restore the exterior gutter by removing algae and tiger striping with our Gutter Brightening application.
  • Paver Cleaning and Paver Sealing.
  • Stain Removal – for tough areas affected by oil, rust, efflorescence, oxidation, or graffiti.
  • We aim to please and can clean almost anything under the sun: Kids Playsets, Sheds, Exterior Furniture, Gazebos, Retaining Walls, Parking Lots, Shopping Carts, Docks, and Much More!
Tropical SoftWash CleanzOzone Sanitizing