Tropical SoftWash CleanzOzone Sanitizing

What to Expect From Tropical SoftWash

With Tropical SoftWash, you can expect :

  • Respect and protect property as if it were our own.
    • There is no shortcut in this step, from covering plants to watching wind and weather conditions for overspray, our goal is to return surfaces to a like-new appearance.
  • Inspect the property and notify customers of all recommended cleaning areas.
    • Our estimate is made through a highly skilled technician. As Spray Wash Pro members, we are trained in proper procedures and committed to attention to detail.  Our proposals are thorough, comprehensive, and complete.
  • Inspect and photograph any problem areas to be addressed before the start of any cleaning.
    • We document all potential problem areas. This gives our clients a better understanding of the cleaning situation. It also allows us to address any potential situations so there are no surprises once the job has begun, such as missing or broken roof tiles. The properties we clean look much different after we leave.  Something that may have been broken or out of place and difficult to notice when dirty may then be more obvious when we leave the property clean and fresh.
  • Remove various algae, debris, dirt, gloeocapsa magma, fungus, lichen, oxidation, pollen, stains, and other unfriendly growth from exterior surfaces. We use top of the line equipment and industry-specific products for each application.
  • We use proper cleaning solutions from brand name chemical manufacturers. This is for the protection of the environment, your property, and the health of our technicians. We understand the importance of a proven and tested formula for cleaning products and although they may cost more than other products, we only offer the highest level of quality and service to our customers.
  • Leave property better than we found it – clean, restored, and smelling fresh.

Tropical SoftWash CleanzOzone Sanitizing
Tropical SoftWash CleanzOzone Sanitizing